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Charterbooten in County Galway


An Leaca Rua

37′ Tyrell.
Skipper: Max Couque
Licence: 572 
Base:Barna/Rossaveal/Spiddal Operational area: Galway Bay

Notes: Our self catering cottage is also available at www.galwayfishing.ie/cottage-galway.html

Address: Galway fishing, An Cuan, 16 Cullane road, Carraroe, Co. Galway.
Telephone: +353 86 323 4638
Email: max@galwayfishing.ie Web: www.galwayfishing.ie

Maighdean Mara

43′ Aquastar.
Skipper: Kevin MacGabhann
Licence: 570
Base: Barna/Spiddal Operational area: Galway Bay

Address: Galway Bay Safaris, An Boluisce, Spiddal, Co. Galway.
Telephone: +353 91 553888 or +353 86 8547890
Email: kevin@galwaybayfishing.com Web: www.galwaybayfishing.com


Bun na Speire

Suffolk 35′
Skipper: Chris Folan
Licence: P3 no. 1669 
Base: Carraroe Operational area: Rossaveal

Address: Clynagh, Carraroe, Co.Galway
Telephone: +353 87 2545973 or +353 86 3234638
Email: max@galwayfishing.ie Website: www.galwaycharterfishing.ie and FB: www.facebook.com/galwaychartefishing


Blue Water

42′ Cygnus. Twin 250HP
Skipper: John Brittain
Licence: 156
Base: Cleggan/Clifden Operational area: Aran Islands to Achill Head

Notes:  Packages of fishing and accommodation are available in the Skippers own guest house www.sharamore.com.

Address: Streamstown, Clifden, Co. Galway.
Telephone: +353 95 21073 or +353 86 2779622 Fax: +353 95 21678
Email: bluewater@eircom.net Website: www.seafishingireland.net

Brazen Hussy

38′ x 16′ South Boats Catamaran, with twin 450 h.p.
Skipper: Shane Bisgood
Licence: 1369
Base: Cleggan/Derryinver Operational area: Galway Bay to Achill Island

Address: Bundouglas, Moyard, Co. Galway.
Telephone: +353 (0)86 2795118
E-mail: skipper@brazenhussy.ie Web: www.brazenhussy.ie

Western Kingfisher.

40′ Lochin. 420 HP Caterpillar
Skipper: Johnny King
Licence: 847
Base: Cleggan Operational area: 30 miles out from Cleggan.

Address: Angling Charters, Cleggan, Connemara, Co. Galway.
Telephone: +353 95 44649 or +353 (0)86 8328278
Email: fisherking9@gmail.com Web: www.clegganseaangling.com


Celtic Queen

Sea Angler 52′. Twin 200HP
Skipper: John Ryan
Licence: 49 
Base: Clifden Operational area: 30 miles out from Clifden.

Address: Dun Aengus, Sky Road, Clifden, Co. Galway.
Telephone: +353 95 21069 or +353 86 2484674 Fax: +353 95 21069
Email: dunaengushouse@hotmail.com Web: www.thecelticqueen.com


Brazen Hussy ll

Skipper: John Fleming
Licence:1011 (11 passengers and 1 crew)
Base: Rosaveal, Spiddal, Galway (Depending on species) Operational area: Rosaveal, Spiddal and Galway up to 20 miles to sea

Address: Baile an tsagairt, Spiddal, Co. Galway.
Telephone: +353 (0)87 7571320
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BlueSharkAngling


Lady Marilyn

Lochin 40′. Twin 350HP
Skipper: Pat Conneely
Licence: 217
Base: Roundstone Operational area: Roundstone, Cleggan, Rossaveal.

Address: Harbour View House, Roundstone, Co. Galway.
Telephone: +353 95 35952 or +353 87 2871012 Fax: +353 95 35921
Email: roundstoneangling@hotmail.com Web: www.seaanglingwest.net