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Guides & Instruktoren in Irland

Wir empfeheln jedem Neuling, der zum ersten mal in Irland angelt, zumindest für die ersten Tage, einen erfahrenen Angel-Guide zu buchen. Besonders auf den grossen irischen Seen ist dies zu empfehlen.

Map of Ireland


The following qualifications may be held by angling instructors;

  • AGPAI Ireland – Association of Professional Game Angling Instructors of Ireland
  • GAIA – Game Angling Instructors’ Association
  • STANIC – Salmon and Trout Association National Instructors Certificate

The following qualifications may be held by angling guides;

  • CERT – Advanced Marine and Countryside Guides Certificate
  • NAG – National Angling Guide Certificate (OCN Level 3)

If you know of any ghillies, fishing guides or instructors omitted from this directory please forward the name, contact details and other relevant information to the webmaster using the contact form.

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